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Year 11 Mathematical Methods QLD online tutoring at CrunchGrade aims to cover all the important concepts of the curriculum. Our tutors ensure that students have a solid conceptual understanding of all four units and secure higher marks in all four assessments. We aim to foster independent studying skills and a problem-solving attitude amongst students so that they can feel more confident about the Mathematical Methods subject. 

Enrol in a private one-on-one online tutoring for Year 11 Mathematical Methods. You will get recorded lectures, topic-wise notes, practice worksheets, revision tests, doubt-solving sessions and much more. Our mathematics tutors will keep a record of your progress in Year 11 Mathematical Methods and will guide you according to your learning requirements. Check out tutor profiles today and book a demo session.

Unit-Wise Year 11 Mathematical Methods QLD Curriculum We Cover

Year 11 Mathematical Methods QLD syllabus includes 4 Units. Units 1 and 2 provide foundational learning to the students and engage them with the subject. Units 3 and 4 consolidate what all the students have learned in the previous units. Units 3 and 4 contribute to ATAR calculations and are of great importance. Let us overview the course structure for Year 11 Mathematical Methods. CurcnhGrade online tutoring for Year 11 Mathematical Methods will be based on the QLD curriculum. 

Mathematical Methods Year 11 Syllabus

Unit 1 - Algebra, statistics and functions 

  • Arithmetic and geometric sequences and series 1 
  • Functions and graphs 
  • Counting and probability 
  • Exponential functions 1
  • Arithmetic and geometric sequences and series 2 

Unit 2 - Calculus and further functions

  • Exponential functions 2 
  • The logarithmic function 1
  • Trigonometric functions 1
  • Introduction to differential calculus 
  • Further differentiation and applications 1 
  • Discrete random variables 1

Unit 3 - Further Calculus 

  • The logarithmic function 2 
  • Further differentiation and applications 2 
  • Integrals

Unit 4 - Further functions and statistics 

  • Further differentiation and applications 3 
  • Trigonometric functions 2 
  • Discrete random variables 2
  • Continuous random variables and the normal distribution 
  • Interval estimates for proportions 

The above list of topics is based on the latest Year 11 Mathematical Methods Syllabus given by QCAA (Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority).

New Things Grade 11 Mathematical Methods QLD Students Will Learn

Topics like arithmetic sequences, differentiation, discrete random variables and continuous random variables are relatively new for Year 11 Mathematical Methods students. Also, an important topic for further education in Mathematics is introduced this year that is, Calculus. You will be studying logarithmic functions, differentiation, and integrals in this subject which are completely new concepts. This is what makes Year 11 Mathematical Methods an important subject for students. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 11 Mathematical Methods Tutors 

Calculus is one of the most difficult topics in the Year 11 Mathematical Methods subject. Many students face difficulties in understanding the problem-solving process in Calculus and might feel distracted. Year 11 Mathematical Methods topics also require students to have a thorough knowledge of topics like factorization, algebraic expressions, quadratic equations, trigonometry, discrete and continuous data etc. You must have studied them in the Year 10 Advanced Mathematics course. Students who do not have a solid conceptual understanding of these topics can find it tough to understand the Year 11 Mathematical Methods syllabus. 

What Our Grade 11 Mathematical Methods Online Tutors Help You Achieve?

Online Year 11 Mathematical Methods tutors at CrunchGrade are fully-equipped to teach you the core concepts of the subject. Our online, one-on-one tutoring can help you achieve the following:

  • You will develop problem solving skills to complete the Year 11 Mathematical Methods QLD curriculum on time 
  • We will provide guidance for formative and summative assessments throughout the year
  • You will be able to turn your hard work into rewarding success 
  • Our tutors will help you understand how to investigate patterns, order, generality and uncertainty
  • You will also be able to enhance your logical thinking, reasoning skills and observational abilities 

Important Topics in Year 11 Mathematical Methods

Year 11 Mathematical Methods includes 7 main topics - Rates of change, Periodic functions & applications, Exponential and logarithmic functions and applications, Introduction to integrations , Applied statistical analysis and Optimisation. All these core topics will be the basis of your assessment in Year 11 and you must study them comprehensively. CrunchGrade Year 11 Mathematical Methods tutors have a thorough understanding of the QLD syllabus and will be focusing on these core concepts more. This way you can prepare further for a better ATAR score as well. 

Challenges in Tutoring Mathematical Methods to Year 11 Students

Communicating with the teacher is one of the major challenges that we have found in Year 11 Mathematical Methods. Since many topics are new in this course, students often have many doubts. But, not all students are able to express their challenges to their teachers. This is why online tutors for Year 11 Mathematical Methods at CrunchGrade aim to provide a friendly learning environment to the students where they can share their doubts and get their concepts cleared in no time. 

CrunchGrade Grade 11 Mathematical Methods Online Tutoring Advantage

Most of the topics introduced in the earlier units of Year 11 Mathematical Methods help in building conceptual understanding for topics in the later units. At CrunchGrade, our online tutors work for three major improvements in the students: fulfilling their learning needs, optimising their learning and problem-solving speed, and tailor their content presentation. With our consistent support the student will be able to tap into their learning potential and explore different interesting ways of grasping Mathematics concepts. Other benefits of CrunchGrade Year 11 Mathematical Methods online tutoring include: 

  • Flexible schedules that help students pick their session time at their convenience
  • Interactive classes encouraging students to be an active participant 
  • Doubt solving sessions and regular progress tracking 
  • Revision tests and assessments to ensure that students can identify their mistakes before school assessments. 

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