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Earth Science is the study of our planet, its rocks, landforms, soils, water and air. It also includes the study of the Moon and other planets in our Solar System. Earth Science is usually studied in Years 8-10 in Australia.

Earth Science is a large subject that covers many different topics, from the history of the Earth to its geology and climate. It can be a lot to take in, and for students who are new to the subject, it can be tough to understand all the material. Moreover, it can be challenging to apply the concepts they learn in class to the real world. For example, learning about plate tectonics in school is one thing, but seeing how it plays out in nature is another thing entirely. It can be difficult for students to make the connection between what they learn in class and what they see outside.

The course also requires a lot of math skills. Many of the concepts in Earth Science, such as calculating density or measuring distances and angles, rely heavily on math skills. If a student isn't confident in their math abilities, they may struggle with the coursework.

The online Earth Science tutors at CrunchGrade are available 24/7, so students can get help whenever they need it. They can also communicate with their tutor online via video chat, which makes it easy to ask questions and get help with understanding concepts. Our online science tutors are also affordable and offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Earth Science Topics Our Online Tutors Cover

At CrunchGrade, you'll find Earth Science tutors online who are excellent at helping senior secondary students understand the interacting Earth systems; energy transfers and transformation within the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere; extracting, using and managing Earth's resources; as well as what are the causes of Earth hazards and what kind of impact they can have. Some of the topics our online Earth Science tuition classes cover include:

  • The Rock Cycle: Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.
  • Igneous Rocks: Composition, origin and classification of igneous rocks.
  • Sedimentary Rocks: The formation, composition and classification of sedimentary rocks.
  • Metamorphic Rocks: What are metamorphic rocks? How do they form?
  • Weathering and Erosion: Physical and chemical weathering. The processes of erosion.
  • Soils: The formation of soils. Soil profile. Soils and the environment.
  • Mineral Resources: Non-renewable and renewable mineral resources.
  • Fossils: What are fossils? How do they form?
  • Energy Resources: Fossil fuels, nuclear energy, solar energy, water power, wind power.
  • The Water Cycle: The process of the water cycle.
  • The Atmosphere: The structure of the atmosphere. Weather and climate.
  • The Earth's Interior: The structure of the Earth's interior. Earthquakes and volcanoes.

and more.

Earth and Environmental Science lessons we offer delve deep into science inquiry skills and how to use scientific knowledge for the betterment of society and the environment. Our Earth Science tutors online spark students' curiosity about the world around them, developing in them a strong sense of environmental responsibility. If you're keen to engage an Earth Science tutor online, please contact us for a free consultation. 

How to study Earth Science online?

To join our online Earth Science tuition, all you need is a laptop or desktop with an internet connection. To use our video conferencing feature, you'll also need a webcam and microphone.

Register at the CrunchGrade, talk to our student advisor and choose the most suitable Earth Science tutor for you. We'll set up weekly one-to-one classes, and our tutors will tailor the lessons to your child's specific needs and goals.

You can also join our group classes, where you'll learn with other students of similar abilities. These classes are a great way to make friends and learn collaboratively.

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What should I look for while hiring an Earth Science tutor online?

An Earth Science tutor must hold at least a Bachelor's or Master's degree in the field of Earth Science or a related field (such as Environmental Science, Geology, etc.) from a recognized university. The tutor should be experienced in teaching the subject and must know how to make complex topics easier to understand for students.

Australian curriculum of Earth Sciences is different in the sense that it emphasizes scientific investigation skills and the application of knowledge to environmental management. So, it is important that your child's Earth Science tutor is familiar with the Australian curriculum and can help your child score high marks in exams.

At CrunchGrade, we only work with the best Earth Science tutors who meet our high standards. All our tutors are carefully screened and must pass our rigorous interview process. Contact us now to speak to one of our student advisors and find the perfect Earth Science tutor for your child.

6 Unique Features of CrunchGrade's Online Earth Science lessons

To make our online earth and environmental science classes fun and engaging, we use:

  1. Innovative curriculum: We use an inquiry-based approach that emphasizes scientific investigation skills and the application of knowledge to the study of earth sciences and environmental management.
  2. Embedded Earth system models: We use state-of-the-art earth system models to help students visualize and understand the processes of the Earth system. This strategy is very effective in engaging students and making complex topics easier to understand.
  3. Comprehensive teacher resources: We provide our tutors with comprehensive resources, including lesson plans, activities, and assessment tasks. This helps our tutors prepare well for each class and deliver the best possible learning experience to students.
  4. Originally developed Earth Science lessons that are traditionally contextual: Our team of experienced curriculum developers writes all our lesson plans and activities. We make sure that our lessons are relevant to students' lives and the world around them.
  5. Remote modules that are personalised, interactive and include in-depth theory and simulations: We use a variety of resources, including simulations and in-depth theoretical explanations, to make sure that students understand all the key concepts. We also offer personalised feedback and suggestions to help students improve their performance.
  6. Help students with homework and exam preparation: We offer a lot of practice problems to students, help them with their homework, and prepare them for exams. Our tutors are always available to answer any questions that students may have. They also conduct regular review sessions to make sure that students are on track.

Best Snippets from Letters Students Wrote to Our Earth Science Tutors (Or Us)!

"You have been a great help for my Earth science class. I loved learning about Earth science online with you because I could watch videos, ask questions, and get feedback in real-time. You were always there for me and are always willing to help. I have been impressed with the quality of your teaching and I love that you are available 24/7." - Lachlan, Bruce

"Taking tuition from you has been a great journey for me to learn about earth science and the science of meteorology. I love that you broke up the lessons into easy-to-understand modules. I also love that you are always available online, so I can work on them at my own pace and my own convenience." - Ellie, Adelaide

"I love CrunchGrade because you always helped me with my Earth Science homework. From being science-phobic, I have transformed into a complete and total science nerd for my classmates and friends with your help. You are a godsend. This website is easy to use and all the tutors I have learned from are great! It is only because of you I am acing my Earth Science class. Even my teacher is impressed when I turn in homework because it is so well-researched. Thanks for guiding me." - Tomas, Melbourne

"I love the customer service at CrunchGrade. They are so helpful, always replying to my e-mails promptly, and they always help me in a friendly, gentle manner. I am so grateful for the service they provide me, and the price is right! I feel like I can trust CrunchGrade with my educational needs, which makes them the best tutor I've found so far." - Khloe, Perth

"I am glad to find someone like you to teach me Earth Science. Since you are an Australian, you know a lot about the Aborigines and their culture. I have learnt a lot from you in the short time that we have been taking online classes together. I would definitely recommend you to my friends!" - Jaimey, Sydney

"It has been an amazing experience for me to get tuition from an online Earth Science tutor like you! You made every lesson so engaging and fun and relevant! I always look forward to our sessions together. I never felt like I was being taught, but rather that I was learning through discovery. Thank you for everything!" - Miah, Brisbane