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Year 12 General Mathematics

Mathematics A or Year 12 General Mathematics is a course that helps students develop their mathematical skills to provide better employment and educational opportunities. This course is for university programs or TAFE courses and employment pathways that do not require the knowledge of calculus. 

At CrunchGrade, we provide one-on-one and group-wise online tutoring for Year 12 General Mathematics so that students can stay on top of their class and achieve higher scores in their assessments. We have qualified tutors with years of teaching experience who will be using innovative teaching methodologies and interactive techniques to make the concepts related to bivariate data analysis, time series, growth and decay sequences easier for students. 

At CrunchGrade, we ensure that students study smarter, not harder. We will tailor a learning program based on students’ needs and provide them with access to the best learning resources for Year 12 General Mathematics. Check our tutor profiles right away and book a free demo study session with us. 

Year 12 General Mathematics QLD Curriculum We Cover

Year 12 General Mathematics curriculum includes two units, Unit 3 - Bivariate data, sequences and change, and Earth geometry and Unit 4 - Investing and networking. Each unit includes different topics for assessment as given below: 

General Mathematics Year 11 Syllabus

Unit 3 - Bivariate data, sequences and change, and Earth geometry

  • Bivariate data analysis
  • Time series analysis
  • Growth and decay in sequences 
  • Earth geometry and time zones

Unit 4 - Investing and networking

  • Loans, investments and annuities 
  • Graphs and networks
  • Networks and decision mathematics

The above list of topics is based on the latest General Mathematics General Senior Syllabus given by QCAA (Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority). The topics can change based on your learning requirements and school syllabus. You can also revise the units 1 and 2 taught in Year 11 General Mathematics or study the entire course in one go with us. We will create an individualised learning program for you. 

New Things Year 12 General Mathematics QLD Students Will Learn

Time series, networks and pathways and concepts of loans and investments are quite new for students in Year 12 General Mathematics. Other core topics of the syllabus include managing money, elements of applied geometry and data collection and presentation. 

Learning new concepts in Maths takes time and students must pay attention in class for a better understanding of such concepts. At CrunchGrade, our tutors will provide the students with all the learning materials and practise worksheets that will make understanding the newer concepts a breeze. 

Overcome Your Learning Challenges With Year 12 General Mathematics tutors

Topics like bivariate data analysis where students have to construct two-way frequency tables, scatterplots, and learning how to find the coefficient of determination and the correlation coefficient are quite tough for students. The syllabus for Year 12 General Mathematics is quite vast. It also includes concepts like reducing balance loans, annuities, path analysis and project planning and scheduling which can be a little difficult to grasp. 

CrunchGrade Year 12 General Mathematics QLD tutors ensure that students overcome all their learning challenges in the online learning sessions. They first ensure your level of understanding of a topic and then present the learning materials accordingly. So topics in which you are much more confident will be given less importance than the topics that seem difficult or scary to you. This way you can master both the units of Year 12 General Mathematics and ensure a good score. 

What Our Year 12 General Mathematics QLD Tutors Help You Achieve

CrunchGrade’s Year 12 General Mathematics tuition ensures that students can achieve the following with our guidance: 

  • Students will gain sufficient knowledge of financial mathematics to solve practical problems associated with taking out or refinancing a mortgage and making investments.
  • Students will learn all the terminologies of graphs such as bipartile, directed, weighted, simple, edge, vertex, degree, loop and so on. 
  • Students will solidify their learning of Maths networks which will ensure better decision-making in practical situations. 
  • Students will learn how to identify, analyse and describe associations between pairs of variables, including the use of the least-squares method as a method for analysing linear associations. 
  • They will learn how to model and investigate patterns of growth and decay in discrete situations and much more! 

Important Topics in Year 12 General Mathematics 

Every topic included in the Year 12 General Mathematics syllabus is important from the perspective of assessments. In this subject, you have to extend your response to a practical or investigative task. This means that you have to conduct an experiment in which a dataset should be collected, analysed and modelled. Then, you have to present your report. You are also required to respond to a context that highlights a real-life application of mathematics. 

At CrunchGrade, we train students to handle all kinds of unfamiliar and familiar mathematical problems based on the Year 12 general maths syllabus. Our tutors will provide you with an in-depth understanding of your learning goals and tailor a learning program that suits you. 

Challenges in Tutoring Year 12 General Mathematics 

CrunchGrade tutors have often observed that many private tutors provide no additional support to the students apart from the textbook. These tutors just explain the course content without considering tracking students’ progress or providing them with examination tips. This poses a great challenge for tutors who want to help students genuinely as many students do not trust online tutoring. 

At CrunchGrade we provide year 12 general maths past papers to ensure that students learn something important from every lesson. We teach every topic step by step, provide notes and practice worksheets so that students have the best study resources by their side for exam preparation. 

CrunchGrade Year 12 General Mathematics Online Tutoring Advantage

Experienced tutors: CrunchGrade is a unique online tutoring platform where students can connect with the best and most experienced Year 12 General Mathematics QLD tutors online. These tutors have a thorough knowledge of the QLD curriculum for Year 12 General Mathematics and have the correct learning materials for the students. 

Engaging lessons: Our Year 12 General Mathematics tutors make sure that students learn the concepts in-depth. We pay special attention to difficult topics, provide learning resources and keep the sessions two way where not only tutors but also the students can participate actively. 

Application of concepts: We not only teach students the concepts mentioned in their syllabus but make them understand how to apply these concepts in practical situations. We assess them using different types of questions based on the exam pattern to solidify their conceptual understanding.

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