7 Mind-Blowing Tips To Increase Concentration Skills In Kids [Proven Secrets]

You must have noticed how kids are always brimming with energy. As an adult, we get easily exhausted doing daily chores and keeping up with our kids. Sometimes it is just hard to even make them sit still and focus on something as their attention gets easily diverted. With the growing dependence on technology, it is no wonder small attention span is becoming an epidemic among kids. As a parent, you are always after your child asking him to completely focus on the task at hand. Despite your persistent effort, you are unable to see much change in your kid.

The reason for your endeavors being absolutely ineffective is because concentration is not forced but rather built.

This is a skill that needs to be taught to kids and here are some great tips that you can use:

1. Take away distractions

When there are too many things in the room that can disturb the child, then focusing becomes all the more difficult. Being bundled with surplus energies makes it all the harder for them to stay attentive to one thing. It is important that you make the child sit in a room that has no television, gadget or anything that can interfere with his studies. This will help the kid to put all attention into one thing.

Concentration Skills In Kids | CrunchGrade

2. Get your kid thinking games

In this technology led age, little emphasis is paid to crossword puzzles, jigsaw, and other concentration building games. These games promote the ability to think and focus in children and it is vital you engage them in such activities to strengthen the development of their cognitive thinking. It is essential to plug out their mind from virtual reality for a while and get them to play games that push at their mental capability.

3. Add more green leafy food in their diet

If the body is weak then the mind won’t be able to keep up for long. This is why it is important that you incorporate food like almond, carrot, and spinach in their diet. Junk food makes the body sluggish whereas raw fruits and vegetables make one more agile and aid memory. You can even make a diet chart with minimum sugar-based substance and healthier options for your kid.

4. Sequencing activities

Sequencing and ability to focus go hand in hand. It is a fun way to get children involved and helps them to improve concentration. You can get your kid to set the table or put pictures in sequence. This way they won’t find it to be an irksome exercise but rather participate wholeheartedly. Putting things in order will help them to think and use the power of focus. It will keep them involved and also help them sharpen their skills to concentrate.

5. Get them to meditate

Getting a kid to sit still, with eyes closed for long is perhaps not the easiest task. It would require a lot of patience on your part as well. Keeping that in mind, one has to realize that mediation is beneficial for the overall mental health of the young one. This will not just help them in their ability to focus but also be of great use in beating stress and negativity later in life.

ips to increase Concentration Skills In Kids | CrunchGrade

6. Adequate rest

As a parent, you are well aware that children are restless spirits and it is hard to get them to take rest or naps. Though they are in the stage of development and hence, it is important that they get adequate sleep. This means that you need to completely cut off late nights from their schedule and put them to bed early. A sleepy and rest deprived body does not function to its fullest potential. When the body is rested, the mind can focus all the better.

7. Quiet time

We live in a world that is full of sensory overstimulation, be it constant loudspeakers, television, and numerous gadgets. In such a surrounding, children being over-sensitive will be all the more affected. This is why it is important to give them a much needed quiet time, away from all the electronics and sound. Now, asking them to sit quietly in a room will feel like a punishment to them. Hence, it’s best to take them to a park which is surrounded by rich greenery. A refreshing break in nature will infuse them with freshness and help them to focus better.

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