How To Be Productive While Studying From Home?

When you are in your school or college, you follow fixed routines whether you like it or not. You will have to follow the routines, as planned by the school for you, and you program yourself accordingly because you know there is no other option. But, once you are home, the liberty to study at your convenience makes things complicated and messed up. You keep skipping your studies, you do not follow any schedule, you are unable to complete your homework, and you keep delaying your studies. All of this leads to poor performance in your tests and examinations and poor grades or failure. Not just this, but you also struggle as you move to the next chapter or level. 

This is nothing new, go anywhere in the world, and you will find children are mostly like this. So, they need proper guidance to make them understand how important studies are for their career in the future. Freedom to spend time as per wish is good, but being productive is essential in this highly competitive world. 

As Samuel Smiles, a British Author said: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But all play and no work makes him something worse.”

We will discuss seven ways here to help you improve your productivity while studying at home. 

Plan a routine and stick to it 

Different students have different patterns of studying. Some study late at night, and some wake up early morning to study, depending on their comfort level. Studying at home is tough for many students because managing studies amid distractions at home does not allow students to concentrate on their studies. So, you must make a strict study schedule and stick to that without any compromise. Just like, you follow a fixed time for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you plan your study time too. Decide what is the best time to study for you and plan accordingly, can be morning hours or evening time, or late at night. So, first, decide the time and then specify a duration that you can spend comfortably. Also, make sure you follow this strictly and fix a time to go to bed and wake up as well.

Break your time into several small blocks

Do not sit at your study table for long hours, as your brain has a fixed capacity to consume any information at a time. It needs breaks, then only it can perform better. So, you can break your studying schedule into several small blocks of 30 min to 1 hour. Like, if you study 1 hour early morning before breakfast, you can devote 2 hours after breakfast. And then, you can spend some time either relaxing or playing or listening to music or just talking to family or friends, or doing anything that relaxes you. You can take a walk or play badminton, anything that helps you feel re-energized. If you study continuously, it will not only be difficult for you to grasp all that you studied but will also affect your health. 

Stay away from distractions

Home is the place where you will find countless distractions. Your family is there, and they might continuously keep nagging you for some work at home. Also, if you are not mentally strong-willed, you will not be able to sit in one place and study. Sometimes, food may distract you from your studies, sometimes you may spend extra time playing or watching movies, or sometimes just do anything but study. Therefore, ensure that when it comes to studying, you are focused on your studies. 

Find a perfect studying atmosphere

Find a place where you can study peacefully and will not get distracted easily. The place should not have a television, and should not be close to the kitchen area or your home entertainment setup. Also, keep all your extracurricular activity things or video game devices away from your study corner. Tell your family and friends to allow you privacy when you are studying. Tell them when you will take a break so that you are not disturbed in between your studies. 

Take breaks in between

Small breaks are essential between studies. It allows you to consume what you are studying properly. Your brain has a limited capacity, if you try to study more than it can consume, it will not help you rather, it will affect your health and your grasping power. All your efforts will become a waste. So, also include time for breaks when you plan your study schedule. 

Make a list of tasks

Before you sit down to plan your study schedule, jot down all that you have in your mind syllabus along with all the work that you do or is your responsibility at home and also all the fun and leisure time activities that you engage in. Once you have all the tasks on a list, you know what you will have to do every day along with your studies. So, now giving studies maximum priority, you can plan your other activities. You can include activities in between your studies. This way you will get breaks and your work too will be done and your studies too not be affected. But do the planning in a way that you do not struggle to find time for your studies or other work. 

Exercise and eat well

Nothing is important if you are not getting enough to keep yourself fit and healthy. Both food and fitness are essential activities in everybody’s life. So make sure, you are taking your meals on time and also following a fitness programme. You can take a few minutes of fitness classes for the same. Also, eat what is right and avoid junk food. If you maintain your health properly, you will be able to concentrate better on your studies. 

Take out time for play

It is said, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” therefore, playing too is an essential activity for young minds to keep their brains healthy and relaxed. If you engage in sports or any form of a game, even if it is a video game, it will relax your mind and help it perform better. If you can engage in outdoor activities or games it will be excellent. When you go out and play with your friends, it allows you to relax in a better way, both physically and mentally. Continuously studying can get monotonous and result in making you dull and listless. So playing is equally important. Ensure you are taking out some time for play in between your studies. 

Be a part of virtual study groups

In this digital age when everything is happening digitally, making friends online with people possessing similar interests is quite natural and many times necessary too. We human beings are social animals and in many cases living in isolation for a long period can be detrimental to our health. Meeting people, discussing several issues of your interests, and sharing opinions and knowledge can be very relaxing and beneficial too. 

These days, you will find several virtual study groups that you can join to interact with people with similar interests and also similar academic goals. A virtual study session can be a wonderful way to connect to people from different places online. Meeting and talking to different people with similar interest areas can be very beneficial. But make sure, you do it in a balanced way so that you do not get carried away and your studies get impacted.

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January 23, 2023
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