5 Ways to Fight Off Math Anxiety [A MUST READ]

Math anxiety is REAL. You heard it.

The best way to overcome any fear is to accept that it exists. – Unknown

First things first, it’s normal to be intimidated by mathematics or feel like you’re not a math person. There has not been any other subject that has been so universally dreaded and disliked like Math. For many, tackling a math problem is a daunting task that they would never wish to face. A lot of students end up doing really bad in their tests and exams because they can’t seem to overcome their math anxiety.

Wait, But Why?

What makes math so different from other subjects is how objective it is and requires the application of logic to solve intricate problems. Unlike English or history, math requires precision and problem-solving ability. Though, this does not mean that there is no way to overcome math anxiety. Just like any other phobia, this one can be tackled easily as well.

Here are our 5 highly useful strategies to overcome the fear of mathematics:

1. Change your approach to math

This might sound easier said than done but the pragmatic way to counter any fear is to alter your approach to it. Math phobia among students is prominent majorly because they associate this subject to everything bad. The very idea of solving sums and equations makes them sweat. Now, instead of fearing it, if one actually tries to solve the same problems with an inquisitive state of mind then the result would be different. The deep-rooted fear of math can be changed with a more positive and open mindset. Even if you are facing challenges, don’t let them make you anxious but rather keep trying to go past them. This way you will at least be in a position to overcome the fear of mathematics.

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2. Practice everyday

Every fear can be countered if one only keeps trying and math is a subject where the constant practice is very important. This is why another way you can tackle this anxiety is to practice a little every day. When you will start solving numerical problems on a daily basis, then your fear will start to dissolve. Also, regular practice will give you more clarity and help you understand the subject better. This way your fear of homework will go and you might just end up enjoying studying this interesting subject. If you keep up with this daily task, you will surely perform better in all your math test and exam.


3. Acceptance

Every one cannot excel at everything and if that means math is not your strong point then accept it, don’t run away from it. There are many other subjects or activities in which you do far better and understand that math is no different. You are not required to be the best in everything but that does not mean you have to fear them. Accept that math may be one field in which you require practice and work at it. Often students find it hard to accept that though they are doing well in other subjects, they are not faring well in math. This is where they start seeing math as a problem and their math anxiety symptoms start to emerge.

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4. Stop exaggerating the issue

This tip applies more to the parents as they also need to play the important role of a guide and counselor to help their child overcome math phobia. Instead of nagging the student and constantly mentioning his or her failure to perform well in math, rather try to focus on the root of the issue. Putting your child down or staying fixated only on their fear will be detrimental on their academic studies and self-esteem. The correct approach to the problem is to have an open discussion with your child and understand exactly why they fear math so much. This way you can actually help them out and build their confidence.

5. Try a different study technique

In order to stop hating math, a student has to be able to understand the subject better. Every child has a different grasping ability and every teacher has a different teaching style. If the way a subject is being taught may not be fit for a particular student then they will obviously start to avoid it. Often some students are shy to bring out their doubts in front of the classroom which again impacts their learning. The best solution here is to get a private tutor that can guide the student at a pace which is comfortable for them. The best online platform where you can find expert online Math tutors is CrunchGrade. Simply connect with a tutor for Math, Science & English and start learning!

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