7 ways to Improve Study skills for Better Grades

Students are constantly focused on improving their study skills in order to get better grades or study well. After all, how well they perform at school is going to reflect in their academic career which will impact their entire future. Developing good study habits at an early stage can have a very good influence on their lives. It also makes them all the more disciplined and sincere which are necessary attributes for progressing in life.
Even as a parent, one is constantly seeking study strategies which their child can implement to improve grades and study effectively at school. Here are some of the best practical tips that students can use to study better.

Revise every day – Say *NO* to last-minute cramming!!

This may sound like a really tiresome practice but it can be highly beneficial to improve grades in high school. When you revise something every day, it is retained by the mind easily. This is because lessons which are freshly studied can be understood better. This is an easier and stress-free method to make sure you are always well brushed with all your lessons. It also eliminates any need for last minute cramping of notes.

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Organize your notes like a BOSS!

Making notes is one thing but it is equally important to keep it organized so that you can revise them at ease. This can help you stay updated with your lessons and do good in school. Mark the important things that the teacher has taught and use bookmarks to highlight essential parts. Compile your notes in a proper manner so you know what needs immediate attention and what can be left for later revision. This is also a time-saving technique to study better.


Join study groups – Make Smart friends!

Study groups are very effective in improving study techniques as they also make students more productive and engaging. Such groups provide an environment which is instrumental for learning. It helps one get a better and new perspective on what has been taught in the classroom. This way you will feel more involved, learn new things and also exchange study tips with your peers.

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Keep away from distraction – Turn Off Notifications

This is a tip which is not just useful in order to improve grades but can also help you in later stages of life. Being devoted to the task at hand can vastly improve its outcome. This means that if you turn off your phone and avoid social media or any other form of a distraction then you can study better and actually process what you are learning. This will help you to focus better and give your undivided attention to only important things.

Get adequate rest – Sleep. Study. Eat. Repeat.

Often a lot of students live such an active life that rest takes a back seat for them. These are growing years and sufficient amount of rest is important for a healthy body and mind. Even really young kids have to juggle a lot of activities and classes which takes a toll on their health. This is why rest and being stress-free is very important if improving grades is on your mind. It is easier to accomplish a lot with a happier and healthier state of mind than a drained one.


Invest in reference reading – Library Time!

Do not limit yourself to just reading the coursework but rather inculcate the habit of background reading as well. Try to research on the topic that is taught and get reference books to make notes on it. This will give you a wider view and understanding of what the teacher has taught. Moreover, reading beyond the coursework will enhance your knowledge and will help you beyond school. Also, this will prepare you to tackle any kind of questions that can appear in your exam.

Avoid studying for a long stretch of time – Slow & Steady

If you are looking for study tips that can help you memorize and learn better than this rule cannot be overlooked. The mind cannot grasp anything new if it is overworked and hence needs to be given breaks. It is easier, faster and even more sensible to learn in short time periods divided throughout the day. So, instead of studying for 5-6 hours, it is better to revise for a couple of hours and then take a break to resume the studies with a fresh mind.

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December 3, 2018
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