Problems Chinese speakers face in Learning English Language

English is the most widely used language in the world. It is the international standard language and has become an essential part of people living in the modern era. According to a source, “Over 800 million people speak English as a foreign language”. This shows the importance of English and how vital it has become to use in our daily lives. Learning the English language is not only for the purpose of communication but it has numerous benefits like education, technology, international business and improving the social life.

Well, most of us are aware of the benefits of the English language. But learning English is not an easy task for every individual. Chinese speakers have to face a lot of problems while learning the English language. There are various factors due to which Chinese speakers have to work hard for learning English at a conversational level.

Major problems faced by Chinese speakers in learning English

Alphabets are the biggest issue

One of the most typical problems faced by Chinese speakers is the difference between Chinese and English alphabets. The Chinese speakers use the non-alphabetic script of logograms, these are the characters which help them in forming a word. In the English language, there is the Latin or Roman alphabet, and it consists of 26 letters. This becomes a major issue for Chinese speakers when they have to learn the all new alphabet pattern.

Pronunciation problems for Chinese speakers

There is a vast difference between English and Chinese speakers in terms of pronunciation. Proper Pronunciation of words becomes difficult for Chinese speakers because there are no corresponding sounds between English and Chinese language. This creates a problem when Chinese speakers start learning the English language. Learning pronunciations can be tough and tricky, it is better to take help from an expert English tutor who can help you with it.

No plural words in Chinese

In the English language the time when the noun is changed to make it plural, a difference is made in the ending. This is not the case in the Chinese language there are no plural forms because, in such scenarios, Chinese speakers use a number. Chinese and English may have a vast difference in terms of pronunciation and alphabets but there is a major similarity too, which helps the Chinese speakers build an interest to learn the English language. It isn’t easy to learn the nitty-gritty of any language by yourself. If traveling and tight schedule is an issue, you can look for other options such as online tutoring which is considered to be better than in-person tutoring for the added benefits.

Similarities between Chinese and English language

The Chinese language basically consists of three important elements which are Tone, initial sound and the final sound. The final sound element of the Chinese language consists of at least one vowel and the initial sound of this language is consonants. The Chinese language contains 35 final sounds along with 21 initial sounds. This forms a combination of 413. All these facts help in forming 1,600 unique syllables in the Chinese language.

Now, this is where the Chinese language is similar to the English language because in the initial sound there are similarities with the pronunciation of English. The alphabets like “f”, “m” and “b” are used in the same way. For example, “b” and “a” together form “ba” which is pronounced the same way in Chinese and it means father.

How Chinese speakers can easily learn the English language?

There are many ways Chinese speakers can learn the English language. With technology increasing rapidly, a Chinese speaker can learn the English language from a native English speaker. This can happen through online classes. Sitting on the sofa and feeling comfortable, a Chinese speaker can explore the English language and can be an expert in it.

The online classes are easy to take and are even affordable compared to the offline English learning classes. There are several online learning platforms available for you to find expert tutors for English. The native English speaker can help the Chinese speaker in learning the English language in depth. The Chinese speaker can choose the time zone for learning the language which makes every Chinese speaker comfortable to opt for an English language course. Therefore, this way a Chinese speaker can learn English without facing any form of difficulty.


Well, there can be problems as well as solutions to learn the English language for Chinese speakers.
We cannot deny the fact that how important the English language has become in today’s time. China has the world’s largest population due which there are a lot of international businesses and brands that have their setup in China. This makes the Chinese people opt for an English language course so that there can be no barrier to the flow of communication.

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