8 Good Habits Every Parent Must Teach Their Child

Parenting is nothing short of a skill and is a very dynamic activity, and like every other skill, this one too has to be acquired with patience, hard work, and persistence. Every now and then as parents, we come around certain questions, which we find hard to answer by ourselves and we need certain benchmarks to judge our performance. Nothing bad in gauging our own performance as we can’t improve until we know how we are performing.

There are no set rules for raising up a child, as every personality, their environment, their family background, and our self-understanding as parents play a very important role. Therefore we need to have certain universal principles which can help us access our performance on the scale of being an amazing parent versus just getting the job done.

1. Creating Space

As humans, we need ample space to grow. We thrive in an environment of support and our roots derive the required nourishment from the atmosphere of self-discovery and promotion, without any judgment or pressure. Therefore as parents, it is our duty to teach our kids to cultivate a space within their mind and their personal lives where they are free to explore be their own selves away from the hustle bustle of the modern world.

2. Compassion

This is the highest virtue of a human being. Often we find ourselves making bad choices and then regretting them just because we were a little less compassionate at that moment than it was required. Teaching our kids to have compassion towards fellow earthlings is the highest of service that we can provide to our kids as parents and to our community and future generations. If we see with a little more depth and clarity aren’t all the problems of the world associated with lack of compassion?


3. Sense of Humour

This might sound silly but putting a little smile on someone’s face doesn’t hurt. Moreover, this is not just about having a charismatic and friendly presence, this is directly associated with our attitude towards life. When we teach our kids to have a good sense of humor we are teaching them to have a positive attitude towards problems of life. This certainly helps kids earning lifelong friendships and be more engaged in social activities as they are accepted everywhere because their presence is delightful.

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4. Social Presence

There must have been so many instances where you have must be a little embarrassed about your wardrobe or your personal hygiene. Well, congratulations if you haven’t been in such a situation, but with most of us it has happened once or twice. But creating a habit of staying clean, well groomed and sharp is a practice which is very easy to acquire and sadly it isn’t hereditary. So teaching our kids to cultivate this habit is a very important skill in today’s time. It is a self-confidence booster and it reflects strength.

5. Problem Solving

Now we all know when we were kids we wish we had someone who was there to explain things to us and guide us through those tough times we had. Well, guess what we were wrong. We don’t need anyone to solve our problems for us. Even when the best people come along in our lives, some of us call them gurus or masters, they do nothing special, they just make us believe that we can solve our own problems. So while it is every parent’s dream to be a guru to their kids, it is important to first clear our own head and then approach our kids with patience and love. And show them that they have all the power in the world to solve any problem that comes their way.


6. Meditation

While most of the world is drowning in the waves of meditation and yoga. Still, there are some people who think that it is just a mumbo-jumbo an activity for people who wanna show off. But the truth is quite opposite. Creating peace and stillness is nothing short of a challenge and anyone who has sat for a minute or two knows how difficult that task is. Teaching our kids to stay calm, attentive and present at the moment is a gift that we can give them. Here we might need some external help but it is worth the effort. Actually learning meditation and yoga along with your kids can help you create a lifelong bond with them.

7. Excellence

It is a disbelief to think that a good pedigree of a family and a rich hereditary lineage is important to excel but to be very honest excellence starts at any normal home where parents are careful in cultivating this attitude. This practice is very simple just make sure you calmly and enthusiastically tell your child that any activity or outcome is not complete until it is done with all heart and mind with a single goal. That is to excel.

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8. People Are Important Than Things

The modern world has turned into a race. We often find ourselves being lost in achieving targets and sidelining people in our lives. But this puts a very bad impression on young minds. What we need is to help them understand the importance of relationships by setting examples ourselves. Talking to them every day and spending time with them is a part of it. As parents, we can teach them to respect and earn people and not just things in life.

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December 20, 2018
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