Reliable LANTITE Tutoring Services in Australia

Are you looking for a professional tutor for your child in Australia? It is very natural for any parent to search for ably qualified tutors and mentors for their children. In Australia, LANTITE certification is one of the most important genuine certifications to identify how eligible your child’s teacher or tutor is and if they are qualified enough to tutor your child. In Australia, schools and educational institutions must seek LANTITE-certified teachers for their institutions as they are considered eligible for the teaching service.

Why Do You Need to Appear for LANTITE Test?

The Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students (LANTITE) is a compulsory test that future-qualified teachers must complete before starting their teaching career in Australia. It is an eligibility assessment test for perspectives teachers who are aspiring to take the teaching job. This test is an essential part of the process to ensure that graduating teachers have all the necessary skills, knowledge and competency to be successful teachers in their area of teaching. To be considered for a position as a teacher, candidates must ideally first meet certain qualifications and also have to clear the mandatory teacher certification exams. Therefore, the test results are often asked by potential employers, education providers, educational institutes and various state and territory bodies to evaluate the standard of the potential qualified teachers.

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Who Can Take The Test?

Before graduation is complete, all initial teacher education (ITE) students are required to take the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education (the exam) to show that their personal literacy and numeracy scores are in the top 30% of the adult population. The test allows ‌a consistent way to evaluate an individual’s personal literacy and numeracy skills, including their ability to access and understand information, use that information to solve problems and communicate those solutions effectively.

People who want to enrol in an ITE programme can now take the exam before starting their studies. This group comprises individuals who are currently in their final year of secondary education, Year 11 and Year 12 students, recent graduates, older or mid-career individuals, and those candidates who are registered in pathway courses. Before deciding to dedicate time and resources to following a teaching career, this will provide individuals with the assurance and certainty they require to make a more informed decision. This will also allow students who are struggling to reach the required standard to have access to additional resources to help them reach their goals. It is not necessary to take the LANTITE test before registering for an ITE course. Aspiring candidates need to decide after knowing all the technicalities.

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How Important is LANTITE Certification?

The LANTITE test is a pre-employment proficiency test that gives parents, families, businesses, and the general public assurance that newly graduated teachers are adequately qualified and meet the necessary criteria to instruct students effectively by approving a particular standard.

The LANTITE test evaluates each candidate’s individual literacy and numeracy abilities with a focus on literacy and math. Before the candidates can graduate, all students who specialise in education or academics at any level (undergraduate or graduate) must get through the test. This exam improves the teaching potential, knowledge and other talents of teachers or tutors and validates their standard of giving instruction.

To make sure you meet the requirements and are qualified to obtain your teacher qualification, it is advised that you check with your education provider and the regulatory body in your state or territory.

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Are You Looking for LANTITE Tutors?

In Australia, asking for LANTITE-certified tutors or teachers is very normal. So, if you are looking for LANTITE tutoring services for your child, you can find them at many places. At CrunchGrade, we have LANTITE-certified tutors to provide your child with one-on-one private LANTITE tuition online. Our tutors are rigorously vetted and have to go through multiple screening processes before associating with us. We also try to ensure that our tutors do not have any criminal records and are screened for child protection.

We make sure our tutors are screened based on their academic background, aptitude, and experience, as well as their personality and reliability. You can be sure that your tutor will be a positive and enjoyable addition to your academic journey.

Whatever ‌your location is in Australia, we have highly qualified and experienced tutors available to help you.

May 26, 2023
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