Everything About SEAL Program Test You Must Know

What comes to your mind when you think about the word SEAL? Do you almost suddenly picture a rather cute marine animal, or think of the US Navy team who are referred to as the SEALS? Well, if these 2 things are what you are thinking of right now, then let us redirect your attention to the third type of SEAL(Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program) that we are talking about here.

In this article here we are referring to an additional learning program that has been introduced by the Victorian Education Department in Australia. This additional learning program is known as the Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program. The reason why the Australian Government has rolled out this initiative is that this is the way they have managed to strengthen the foundation of their very strong education system. The whole sole aim of running this initiative is to ensure that only the most talented and gifted students are given the opportunity and chance to excel in education.

The SEAL initiative is carried out yearly for the students of year 7 to year 10. As a student in the higher secondary school years, it becomes very important to judge and rate their excellence when it comes to academics. If as a parent you feel that your child is not getting subjected to a more challenging environment that can prepare them to handle the pressures at the later stage, then you can get your child to pursue the SEAL exam.

We bring to you some of the most commonly asked questions that will give you an adept knowledge of exactly what the SEAL program is all about.

Is the SEAL program available in all schools?

Since the time of its inception is the year 1980, this program has found a niche in most schools in and around Australia. There are particular schools which come under the banner of the Academy of Accredited Seal Schools (TASS), and only those schools listed under this banner follow the routine and the selection criterion of the SEAL test. So, for those of you who are looking to make your children SEAL ready, you can check this link to see which TASS schools are around you. List of academy SEAL Schools!

What is the syllabus like for the SEAL test?

The years 7 and 8 cover the following subjects: English, Math, Humanities, German, Art, Information Technology, Multimedia, and Visual Art.

In year 9 it comprises English, Math, Science, Humanities and Physical Education.

Year 10 means that students can choose their subjects from both the years 10 and 11 courses and line out.

The SEAL Entrance Test

All those students who wish to sit for the SEAL test need to make sure that they take the entrance exam the year before which they want to sit for the SEAL program. The entrance test for the SEAL exam takes place at each TASS school on different dates. To get the information on the dates, so that you don’t miss them you can refer to the link given below: Entrance Exams Dates for SEAL!

Is there a cost attached to take the SEAL test?

Like most other things related to education, the SEAL program also comes with a certain cost attached to it. It is not very deep and it definitely won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The nominal cost of the application is AUD 85, however, if you are late in paying the fees then there is an additional charge of AUD 230. So, don’t be late!

What are the mandatory details that one needs to fill while completing the application form?

The basic details will be required to fill in on the SEAL application form:

• Name and contact details
• Student’s name and the name of the school
• The student’s teachers name along with their email address

Along with this, the student will also have to write a paragraph explaining why they should be given a place in the SEAL program.

Are there any documents that require submission along with the SEAL application?

If you are filling out the application form online, then you can scan and upload the following documents:

• Student’s latest school reports for semester 2 year 5
• Student’s Year 5 NAPLAN results
• A sample of written work by the student, which could be an essay of any sort.

How can we prepare the students to take the SEAL test?

For those students who are planning on taking the SEAL test, there are certain practice tests available online for a certain fee. You may also look for ‘tutors near me for SEAL.’ As we covered in the syllabus the subjects required to prepare for SEAL, you may want to find the right tutors.

CrunchGrade is an online tutoring platform where you can find subject matter experts for Math, English and all other subjects. We have experts that can help you prepare for exams such as SEAL, NAPLAN, IB(International Baccalaureate), NSW Selective School, Opportunity Class, etc. You’d be thrilled to know how affordable our tutoring services are.

How many times can a student sit for the SEAL test?

A student can sit for the test just once a year. This is why it is more crucial to make sure the preparation is up to the mark. SEAL Test is definitely a great step for bettering the future of a student in the long term. It is an opportunity for your child to step into the ‘A’ league of students.

So, if you are focusing on making it to the top of the academic ladder, get sealed with the SEAL certificate by the help of our SEAL tutors who are ready to help.

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June 26, 2019
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