Scholarship Test for Year 7

Scholarships can help both parents and students in many ways. While parents can get some relief and save their money, students can gain self-confidence and a better portfolio. This article will clear most of your doubts regarding scholarships in Year 7 and ways to prepare for the scholarship test. 

What is a Scholarship? 

A scholarship is a source of funds that supports a child’s (or scholar’s) education. If a student excels academically or in a particular area they can be eligible for a scholarship. Scholarships can be offered at any level and in any school. However, in reality, scholarships are generally taken by high school students to support their learning. This is why gaining a scholarship in Year 7 is the goal of many students. 

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When are scholarships offered? 

Tests and interviews for scholarships are generally conducted in Term 1 of the year while the scholarship is granted in Term 4.  The scholarship test will be sat by your child in the preceding year. So, if you want to gain a  scholarship in Year 7, you must sit for a scholarship test at the time of entry into Year 7. This means you have to prepare for the test in Year 6 itself. Some scholarships are also available based on the skills of a student such as excellence in sports, performing arts, music, all-rounder type, etc. 

The scholarships are not given instantly. So, you might have to wait for at least 6 to 9 months to know your scholarship test results. Some parents might think that it is hard to wait for so long but consider it as a surprise gift in the middle of your child’s schooling! 

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How to apply for the Scholarship Test for Year 7? 

  1. Confirm with the school

You must first check the school website. If they provide a scholarship test, they would have provided some information about it there. You may also visit the school to confirm whether they have any scholarship tests available or not. Assuring this is mandatory. 

  1. ACER scholarship test

ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) offers scholarship tests for independent schools. You can register for their tests and pay for each school for which you want a scholarship. Then, they will conduct a series of academic tests to check the knowledge of the student. 

  1. Edutest scholarship test

Edutest also offers scholarship tests for entry into secondary schools via scholarships. You can check their website and make online payments and register for the scholarship test. 

  1. Public Education Foundation 

If you are attending a school in NSW, the Public Education Foundation offers scholarship tests to assist students in tutoring, school supplies, laptops, school excursions and incidental fees. 

About Edutest Scholarship

The Edutest Scholarship exams are accepted by almost 180 schools across Australia. With their scholarship, parents can save $14,748 each year from a 50% fee remission scholarship to over $30,000 with a 100% scholarship each year. However, to gain this scholarship, students have to pass an exam. 

Format of Edutest Scholarship Exam 

The Edutest scholarship test for Year 7 entry includes 5 parts:

  • Verbal reasoning (30 minutes) — This test includes 60 multiple-choice questions that you have to solve in just 30 minutes. It may include questions like an odd word out, if-else statements, words with the closest meaning, logical consequences based on a statement and more. This tests your vocabulary, logic and analytical skills. 
  • Numerical reasoning (30 minutes) — This test includes 50 multiple-choice questions that you have to solve in just 30 minutes. It mostly includes questions based on patterns, sequences, and word problems. 
  • Reading comprehension (30 minutes) — This test includes 40 multiple-choice questions that you have to solve in 30 minutes. You will be presented with a range of texts like poetry, cartoons, non-fiction, fiction, etc. You have to read and interpret the meaning of the text and then solve the questions based on the given text. 
  • Mathematics (30 minutes) — This test includes 40 multiple-choice questions that you need to solve in 30 minutes. They are based on basic arithmetics, ratios, probability, algebra, space, data and measurement topics. 
  • Written expression (15 minutes) — You will have to write 1 writing prompt in 15 minutes. It could be a creative, descriptive, narrative, persuasive, expository or informative piece. The question will mention what kind of prompt you need to write. It should be relevant to the topic, accurate in terms of spelling, grammar and punctuation, and most importantly, it should stand out. 

About ACER Scholarship 

The ACER scholarship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a student. With this scholarship, children can study in the top private schools in Australia and the parents can save up to around $7,000 each year ($40,000 over 6 years). Students who are entering Year 7 have to appear in the Level 1 Scholarship Exam. 

Format of ACER Scholarship Exam 

The ACER Level 1 Scholarship exam includes 4 parts —

  • Written Expression (25 minutes) — In this test, you have to create a writing prompt in 25 minutes. Generally, you will be given a prompt or writing style like persuasive writing, narrative writing, discussion, etc. Students have to apply their skills and create the prompt. Unique stories are always a hit in this test but students must focus on their accuracy of spelling, grammar and punctuation along with fluency, syntax and vocabulary. 
  • Humanities – Comprehension and Interpretation (40 minutes) — This test includes 45 multiple-choice questions based on English, Art, History, Geography and Social Studies. You will be given a text that you have to read and interpret and answer the questions related to it. 
  • Mathematics Achievement and Reasoning (40 minutes) — This test includes 40 multiple choice questions to measure your mathematical and scientific abilities. It includes questions related to basic arithmetic. It all depends on how you solve the question. 
  • Written Expression -2 (25 minutes) — ACER scholarship exam includes two written tests. In this test, you will be given a writing prompt or style of writing. Just like written expression – 1 student must focus on the accuracy of spelling, grammar and punctuation along with fluency, syntax and vocabulary. 

Prepare for Year 7 Scholarship Tests with CrunchGrade

Scholarship tests for Year 7 are slightly different from the tests that students give in school. Most importantly, students have to solve one question in almost 30 seconds, which means they must practice well and increase their problem-solving skills. 

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July 5, 2022
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