Persuasive Writing Topics for Students That Teachers Love

The first term that comes to our mind when we think about the persuasive writing topic is “convincing” our audience. You should always remember that persuasive writing is not all about convincing the audience. There should be an aim of informing the readers and then only you should try to convince them about something. If your points are logical and provide a sense, your readers are definitely going to understand what message you want to convey, and they will agree with you.

Now, a good topic is also an essential part of persuasive writing. A teacher should provide a daring and thought-provoking topic so that the students can prove their persuasive skills. Students’ duty is then to bring their own opinion on the topic and justify their opinion.

Finding topics for essays, argumentative essay topics, and expository essays is a tough job for any student. Depending on the level of study of children a topic must be given and these are the ways according to which a topic can be searched:

  1. The topic should not be a new thing for the student they should be familiar with the situation.
  2. While researching and thinking about the topic to write, a student should not get bored. Therefore, it should be interesting.
  3. A student should know about the reader, therefore keep the reader in mind while writing. A persuasive topic should be according to the target audience.
  4. Don’t choose topics that are easily available, and have become everyone’s cup of tea. A unique idea should be there which can make it interesting for the student as well as the reader because they can understand the thought process of the writer.

Persuasive writing topics for students:

We’ve categorized the persuasive writing topics depending on the year a student is in. Enjoy reading the list and choose one for your next writing assignment!


  1. Students should be given less homework.
  2. Winter days are great for family trips.
  3. How short hair is better than long hair.
  4. Why do we need more holidays?
  5. Aliens probably exist.
  6. The evening time should be school time.
  7. City life is better than country life.
  8. We should help the poor by providing food.
  9. Cats make better pets than dogs.
  10. Why do I love my mom and dad?
  11. If I had a choice between getting money and spending time with my family, I would choose.
  12. Why evening is my favourite time of day or week?
  13. Why do kangaroos care for their children?

Intermediate/High School

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  1. Nuclear weapons are an effective deterrent against foreign attacks.
  2. Parenting classes should be important for teens.
  3. School uniform laws should be removed.
  4. How excess money is not a good thing?
  5. Young women receive unhealthy signals from magazine advertisements.
  6. Reading should be an essential part of children’s life.
  7. Every student should be given an opportunity to study abroad.
  8. While driving, mobile phones should never be used.
  9. Bullying awareness programs should be implemented in every school.
  10. High schools should conduct a mandatory entrance exam.
  11. Pets should be allowed in school.
  12. Beauty contests give the wrong impression about body image.
  13. Video games can provide educational help.
  14. Athletes in college should be paid for their services.
  15. Schools should not be year-round.
  16. Standardized testing should be eliminated.
  17. Salary for teachers should increase.
  18. One world currency should exist.
  19. Every professional athlete must pass a drug test before the contest
  20. What is the role of media in sports life?
  21. Are athletes better role models than rock stars?
  22. High school & college sportsmen should get a salary.
  23. Extreme sports must be banned for children.



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  1. Domestic surveillance without a warrant should be legal.
  2. Passing or failing should be a better option than letter grades.
  3. Parents should guide kids about drugs at a young age.
  4. People should go to jail when they abandon their pets.
  5. There should be limitations to free speech.
  6. Recycling should be a mandatory part of everyone’s lives.
  7. Books should never be banned.
  8. Violent video games can cause people to act violently in real life.
  9. There should be limitations to freedom of religion.
  10. Nuclear weapons should be illegal.
  11. Society should reject prescribed codes of ethics.
  12. There is nothing like good or evil.
  13. Does sexual desire define human behaviour?
  14. Selfishness is not good human behaviour and should never be encouraged.
  15. One thing that should be genetically engineered is intelligence.
  16. Music and art should be used in prisons to calm prisoners.
  17. Educated people should be the ones to volunteer as literacy tutors.

These were some of the best topics that can be given to students for persuasive speech. Teachers can use these topics to test the creativity of the student and what opinion a student has on the given topic. A persuasive speech can be really helpful to understand the thinking of the upcoming generation and how the world is going to be. Students are the future of the world and these writing topics can tell a lot about them.

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