Difference Between A Teacher & A Tutor

To the world, you may be just a teacher but to your students, you are a hero”- Anonymous

They say that as a student you are influenced by many people. During your life at home, the first people to teach and influence you are your parents and once you get into school and college, it is the teachers and professors who influence and mold students greatly by making students understand their responsibilities. However, off late, there is another set of people who have begun to influence students by teaching them. These people are tutors.

Now for the past few years, there has been a trend when students spend extra time studying with personal or online tutors who help them understand the concepts that were taught to them in their school or college. With more parents and students now approaching tutors for extra academic help, which is why they approach tutors. With the rise of tutors demand there has been a discussion about the general difference between a teacher and a tutor.

In fact, come to think of it, we all know that both teachers and tutors teach and educate students and spread knowledge. If they do the same thing and have the same motto in life, one would think why to spend so much time in understanding what differences they hold. Since the discussion is already on why not take a look at some of the major differences between the teachers and tutors.

Educational Qualifications

For a person to become a teacher most schools and colleges ensure that the teachers have a bachelor’s degree in the subject of their interest along with a valid license that one needs to teach. Depending upon which institute the teacher is teaching at, certain places may even require their teachers to have a Master’s degree as well.  On the other hand, tutors don’t have any educational qualification criteria that they need to meet so as to teach students. 

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The House of Knowledge

When one teaches the same syllabus year in and year out, it is obvious that they get adept to understanding all the topics with ease. Teachers are a pro at handling everything about their syllabus because over the years they have taught the same syllabus with only the students changing. This mastery gives them the ability to handle and solve all the queries in the most efficient manner. Any additional help when it comes to preparing for exams and other entrance exams is something that tutors won’t be able to help with unless they studied it themselves.

Role and Responsibilities

 Teachers have the responsibility to teach a number of students together. Along with that they also need to make sure that they set exam papers, correct answers and prepare the results, post which they need to conduct regular parent-teacher meetings as well. Sounds like a handful right! Compared to the extensive list of responsibilities of teachers, tutors just show up when students feel they need extra coaching on subjects that are their trouble areas.

The Tedious Tasks of Teachers and Tutors

At a time a single classroom has 25 to 30 students who they have to teach together. Not to forget that every student is a different person and has a different learning curve. It goes without saying that to understand each student is an ability in itself. Tutors on the other hand at a time are used to teach at the most 3 to 4 students and sometimes it is just one student. Most students often have trouble learning in classrooms which is why other modes of learning are getting popular – Online tutoring Vs. In-Person Tutoring. Teachers have to stick to a fixed pattern and curriculum and need to make sure that they cover all the content decided as per the syllabus. Tutors on the other side can teach and focus on only those topics that a student needs extra help with.


No matter what the difference is between both these people who aid students in building a career, the underlying fact is that they each teach. It will be hard to say which of these two help a student more or which of these professions are more difficult or challenging to carry out. The one thing that matters the most is that at the end of the day, be it a teacher at school or your tutor back at home, each of them plays a rather important role in helping a student shape their career and life.

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June 11, 2019
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