How Many Hours Are Enough to Prepare for Your HSC Exams?

HSC Fever!! Can you tell how many hours you need to study to ace your HSC Exams? Let’s break this query down!

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst”- William Penn

Have you ever had the thought that there is so much to do and accomplish but never enough time(never ever?!)? or your plan to prepare HSC isn’t effective enough?  And does this thought only get more valid as your HSC exam dates approach? Well, worry not students, you’re not alone because this is a chapter that every student comes face to face with.

What happens during HSC Years?

During the crucial HSC years students are often heard complaining that no matter how much they do and how well they do, it never seems to be enough(you greedy little nut!). It is a stark reality that due to higher competition levels, succeeding in HSC  has gotten tougher and so has the pressure that rides the minds of almost all students, but the one thing that has not increased is the number of hours in a single day. Still 24 hours eh?

Students also get burdened with the feeling that the 6 hours of school are not enough, and once they reach home, they yet again need to lock themselves up in their rooms and devote more time to study and less time to play. So much so that there is hardly any me-time left for them to enjoy. It’s even worse if your HSC motivation levels aren’t high.

We all know how important the HSC exams are but having said that let us also gain the perspective and understand that students need time off to relax and unwind themselves(YOLO, anyone?). So, for those parents and students who so commonly ask this question, “how many hours are enough as we prepare for the HSC exams or for a better ATAR Score?”, here are few insights that might give you some relief and joy.

Teacher’s Suggestions for HSC Students

Being a student is a full-time responsibility. According to most teachers, the students should put in an hour extra for every subject that they study. This means if a student has 5 subjects that need to put in 5 hours extra once they get home. However, some teachers now say that during your HSC years students need to put in 2 hours additionally for each HSC unit. Beating academic procrastination needs a schedule else you won’t ever understand where your times go.

What Statistics have to say

According to the surveys conducted in the recent years it has been analyzed that year 12 students put in 2 additional hours a day (a majority of 53.48% students), and almost 18.55% of students put in 3 hours a day and as the hours increase to 5, the percentage of students only drops to 7.68%. Thus, numbers clearly tell us that studying more may guarantee your improvement in HSC grades.

Revision for HSC students

It is a known fact that a student who religiously studies and devotes time regularly to revise and prepare doesn’t need to spend long hours and burn the midnight lamp when the HSC exams approach. The best tip so far is to make sure that you chalk out a schedule that has you giving an hour or so each day. Pick up a new subject and give it an hour’s revision. This will ensure that you don’t overwork yourself and whatever you revise will register in your memory for longer. If you want a suitable option that fits your schedule then choose online tutoring over the traditional method of learning. You can study wherever you want, whenever you want.


HSC Preparation Minima

There is never really a threshold that can decide what the minimum is, however, according to scientific studies and analyses, it has been proved that students remember the best what they study and revise in an hour. So, don’t cram in too much and make sure you give 1 hour each day, this means 7 hours a week. If you have a hard timing following a schedule yourself, finding a tutor from good tutoring websites is always an option. Studying with a tutor will not only help you keep your study schedule in check but also help you improve the understanding of complex subjects such as Math, Science, English.

What HSC Experts Recommend

If not the bare minimum, you can go ahead and choose to listen to expert recommendations. The most fruitful and result giving outcome comes when a student is likely to give 2 hours of study per unit per week.

One important thing to note here and take into consideration is that there is no fixed timeline that can be allotted to decide how many hours are the best to put in so that a student can achieve the best result. There are sometimes when a student puts in just an hour and does extremely well, and sometimes even all the long hours put in does not help a student score well.


It is important to take note that it is not the quantity, but the quality that matters. Every student needs to plan and stick to a schedule that is regular and that ensures that there is no burden that mounts upon a student when the exams approach. Making a schedule is easy, but what matters is how well you can stick to it and follow it.

The bottom line here is that you put in whatever you can and in that allotted time you forget everything else and concentrate completely only on your studies. Studying with an expert tutor has definitely several benefits. The point at the end of the day is to put in the maximum efforts without taxing yourself too much and having sleepless nights as your HSC exams get closer. Study smart and study right!

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