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English is one of the most popular languages in the world, with 360–400 million native speakers. About 750 million speak it as a second language; and about 600–700 million people as a foreign language, across the world. So, from this, we can conclude that it is one of the most studied and understood languages globally. This is the reason, it is very essential to learn English even if it is not your native language. In most countries where it is not native, it has got the recognition of an official language, that is all official work or official communication is done in English. 

Moreover, after globalization and the IT sector made inroads in almost all countries in the 90s, English became the most prominent language of professional and business communication as it was already spoken by a large chunk of people worldwide. Today, the English language is one of the most essential skills one must possess. 

English is One of the Most Essential Languages for Overall Growth

Be it Melbourne or any other city in Australia, English is amongst the most spoken languages. But when it comes to writing and speaking grammatically correct English, you will require a proper guide and mentor. This is when English tutors in Melbourne are fast becoming very popular. Melbourne with a population of 4.89 million (as of 2019), is the second largest city in Australia in terms of population, preceded only by Sydney. However, almost one-fourth of a million people residing in Melbourne do not speak good English. And another large section knows English moderately and needs to improve it further for their own benefit in both personal and professional spheres. 

One of the most visited cities for education, jobs, and business in the world, Melbourne offers countless opportunities to both its local people and international visitors. Some people come here for education in good schools that can help them make good careers in the future. Moreover, many visit the city for fun, or to get acquainted with its diverse culture. And there are many other reasons that English becomes very important as a course of communication, and good communication skills in English can be a great asset for those living in Melbourne, predominantly an English-speaking city.

How to Find a Quality English Tutor in Melbourne?

Many times due to circumstances you fail to improve your English language skills and realize your life goals. When you realize, it is too late. As you grow older, you find it even more difficult due to growing responsibilities. So, how to find a quality English tutor in Melbourne?

If you know anyone in your network, you can hire them; if not, search online, and you will definitely succeed. However, be careful about online fraud. When in doubt, the best option is to hire tutors from reliable platforms like It is one of the most trusted English Tutors platforms for students in Melbourne. You will find several highly qualified tutors for all subjects here. All you need to do is contact them at your convenience. 

Why Choose CrunchGrade for Online English Tutors?

If you want to become proficient in the English Language for your personal and professional benefits, you will have to hire qualified and dedicated teachers. At CrunchGrade, you will find a tutor of your choice at your convenience. Our teachers, mentors and tutors are

  • Skilled in offering tailored English proficiency lessons
  • Highly qualified and experienced tutors.
  • Masters or PhD degree holders from a reputed university.
  • Experienced in teaching at the college level.
  • Flexible for one-to-one or small group classes as per the student’s choice or need. 
  • Skilled in using multimedia content, animation and videos wherever needed.
  • Available for doubt-clearing sessions.
  • Provide comprehensive study material to the students.
  • Are always available for doubt-clearing sessions.
  • Flexible for class timing and use a simple language of instruction. 
  • Also, they are always available to answer the queries of students.

So, if you are aggressively searching for an online English tutor in Melbourne, Australia, CrunchGrade is the right place for you! You can register now or at your convenience for a free demo class!

CrunchGrade offers free trial English language classes for those seeking to learn or improve their English in Melbourne. Our highly qualified English language tutors will help you speak, write and understand English perfectly in no time!

Simple steps that you can follow are

  1. Choose a convenient time for a free trial class.
  2. Register by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  3. Enter your details and make the payment.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with the class details.
  5. Download the required software and log in to the class at the scheduled time.

How to Choose the Best English Tutors online?

Teaching online is a challenging task. It requires a completely different technique than teaching face-to-face in person in a classroom. While teaching in a classroom, teachers have numerous options, from explaining the chapters in person to showing the slides and animations to students. But, when in an online class, every slide presentation will have to be explained in words. In the online mode of teaching, most teachers use animations and videos in their classes. Animations, videos and PPT presentations are a great way for students to understand the subject easily. 

Though English is a language and many may think, what is the purpose of slides and presentations in English language teaching, the fact is, visual depictions of any subject are far more easily graspable than simple lectures. However, it is important to find out if the tutor you are planning to hire is competent enough to teach you online using various current online methods of teaching. 

Before you hire an English tutor online in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, you should ask yourself some of the below-mentioned questions:

  • Since when have you been teaching English online?
  • Can you share some of the feedback from your past students?
  • Do you provide online study materials?
  • Do you use animated presentations in your class?
  • What is your approach to teaching English online?
  • Are you available for doubt-clearing sessions outside the scheduled class timings?

You can also read the reviews of previous students to get an idea about the tutor.

What Do Our Students Say About Online English Tutors?

  • "I am glad to find a such wonderful tutor for my English lessons. It was not easy for me the last two years and was aggressively searching for somebody who knows the right method of treating English. My tutor helps me understand the usage and grammar easily." - Smith, Melbourne
  • "It was tough for me to maintain the study routine daily due to lack of concentration. I badly needed somebody who could help me concentrate on my studies. My grammar was very poor and during every exam, it would be a struggle for me to score a passing mark. Then I was lucky to find CrunchGrade online English tutors. I immediately contacted them and am now very satisfied with their teaching pattern. Now nobody has to pester me for studies. I am enjoying my English tuition classes and scoring well too " - Brian, Sydney
  • "I am grateful to my online English tutor for helping me improve my English. Her teaching style is very interesting and now I anxiously look forward to her classes every day" - Karen, Brisbane
  • "I never knew online tuition can be so easy and effective. But then contacted CrunchGrade after a friend referred. I first joined the online tuition classes in Mathematics. Loved their way approach and slowly started taking tuition for all subjects. Now just two months back I also enrolled for online English tuition and I am loving the classes. They use easy presentations and excellent study materials. My English scores have improved surprisingly" - William, Sydney
  • "I am finding my online English tuition excellent with CruchGrade. My teacher is very good and she ensures that I am confident with what is taught to me before proceeding further. That keeps me focused" - Liz, Cairns
  • "My English grammar and punctuation were very poor. It was my dream for me to score decent marks in English. My parents too were worried for me. After I met my online English tutor on CrunchGrade, I am doing very well in my exams without taking much stress." - Shane, Canberra

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